Sunday, February 18, 2007

Went shopping yesterday.....

and found some real treasures....Somerset Studio's "The Art of Paper and Mixed Media" 10th anniversary issue,Sommerset Home, and Inspirations! It was my lucky day! My next lucky day will be when I have time to sit and look thru them...:) Hubby wants to go see "Ghost Rider" today, and I really need to get off of this computer and fix something to eat, ha! We skipped dinner (not to mention lunch, and we don't eat breakfast anyways) yesterday because we went to our new Sam's and they had a whole lot of sampling going on! Ha! I really don't like frozen prepared foods but it was offered and I was hungry! Lousy food but it somewhat filled the hole, so to speak. But now I am ravenous and I know poor hubby has got to be hungry too. Better go before the League of Liberals Against Spouse Starving comes a-knocking on my door...;)

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