Saturday, February 10, 2007

Hmmm, blogger won't post the other pix so I'll be back later and post them. So sorry!

Valentine's Day is this coming Wednesday. I'm posting some more Valentines for anyone that may need to make a last minute card (or whatever).
We rented the movie "The Descent" and poor hubby is having to watch it on his laptop. And why is he watching it on his laptop? Because it wont play in the DVD player. We have rented it 3 different times....twice from NetFlix and once from a local video store....and NONE of them would play in the DVD player! Weird.....we've never had this happen before. We watched "The Guardian" last night, no problem with it or any other movie! BTW, "The Guardian" is an "OK" movie....the beginning and the ending are the best parts. In between the two was a bit boring so I napped a bit, ha! Tonight we are going to watch "Flags of our Fathers"....hope it's good! One movie that we really enjoyed was "The Illusionist"..... great ending too! This is our weekly weekend routine, we go out to eat, then come home and watch movies. Sounds boring perhaps, but I love routine!

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