Friday, February 02, 2007

We went out to eat tonight....shouldn't have. The food was good but it was too crowded for me. We'll go earlier next time.
I am posting a few pictures of glass slide charms that I made for Valentines Day, I was going to post more pix but as I was taking them my camera went dead.
I really enjoy making the glass slide charms, I LOVE to solder...don't know why. Maybe it's the way the molten solder just slides on like magic. I've made charms for Christmas, Halloween, Valentines and a few non-holiday related ones. Guess I'll start on Easter next. I made 2 for my oldest daughter but she didn't like them....I wasn't surprised, ha! I do like them and I wear them often. I get nice comments on them when we go to a larger city.....but here in Podunk no one says anything, I think they mainly go for the WalMart stuff, you know the "I saw 42 people with that on and now I want one too" kind of stuff. I'm not being rude, just honest.
I am so itching to get out in the yard and play! I absolutely adore hydrangeas and roses.....I'll post some pics of my yard from years past. I need a Springtime hit....bad!
I'd love to learn to knit....anyone willing to teach me????? ;) I have seen some darling things on other blogs, maybe I'll get a book and teach myself. I could always knit my dog a hat.....or a toy (which he would demolish in 41 seconds).

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