Thursday, February 22, 2007

Allergies and weather throwing me for a loop!

I never had allergies 'til we moved to GA. Now it's a year round thing. I wake up feeling like poo and looking twice that bad! Nose so stuffed up, eyes all red and swollen/puffy, mouth hanging open so I can breathe, ha! This morning the mailperson (usually it's a mailMAN, guess we have a new one...a she...:) )left 2 packages on my front porch and thanks to Charlie (bark, bark!) I knew someone was around. Bless her heart, she brought my other mail up to the porch and gave it to me. That was so sweet of her! I thanked her in my early morning raspy voice and noticed an odd look on her face, nice and friendly, but like she was concerned. I took my stuff and went back inside and happened to look in the mirror. I saw why she looked concerned....I looked like I had just crawled out of a coffin and had put my pants on backwards! Guess she thought I'd been on an all-nighter or something,ha! Or maybe she thought she should call 911....who knows. Anyways, I turned my pants around (they DID feel funny...) and stumbled back into the kitchen to begin the morning ritual of the first feeding of the day for the animals.I was in such a fog I hope everybody got the right thing! I hate allergies.....

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