Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentine's Day!
Hope everyone had a great day and that your Honey surprised you with something containing words of love! My Honey is out of town and altho we exchanged words of love via cell phone, we will celebrate this weekend. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that something that I ordered for him comes by Friday! If not, all is not lost as I have him a goodie basket all fixed up and I made him a scrapbook of his family! He WILL be surprised at that as he had no idea I was doing it.
It is soooo cold here in GA today....we had a few little spits of snow this morning! Luckily I was in my SUV, which is black, so I could see the teeny tiny! The wind was blowing and the cold cut thru you like an icy blade....brrr! I am SO ready for Spring....:)
Here are a couple of cards I made and I'm using them to once again wish you a Happy Valentine's Day!

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