Thursday, February 15, 2007

Here are some vintage images for your viewing pleasure...:)
BTW, here are some of the Jadite cups and saucers I got while thriftin' last week. Below you will see a picture of me, my grandson and youngest daughter (well, the back of her head!). That picture is close to 3 yrs.old.

Good evening! Hope everyone had a great day!
I want to announce the "birth of a new blog" so go on over to Wisteriagirl's blog at and welcome her! She's a "new-found yet feel like I've known her for years" friend of mine and together we just might whip up some mischief! She's having company this weekend so we might not see much action from her til next week.
I guess it's up to me to start the action sooooooo...."Wisteriagirl, I dare you to post a picture of yourself!" :)

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