Thursday, February 01, 2007

Well, I certainly haven't kept this up have I! I'm going to try to do better...:)
I need to get some pictures in order so I can post them here. I've started doing some altered much fun! I have a lot to "learn" tho. I find that I tend to NOT lean towards the wild and wacky look (although I LOVE looking at other people's work....I enjoy all types!)
I feel like I am at a disadvantage because I live in a small town and supplies and other goodies are hard to get. I do a lot of shopping online....:) I ADORE vintage items and anything (almost) with a cottagy (cottagey?) look. Actually, I "LOVE" way too many things, I guess I'm just a collector. Wish I could "collect" some more storage space! Hmmmm....if dear one would give me his closet..........;) Highly unlikely.
I'll see if I can post a picture here of a piece of "altered art" that I did, nothing impressive.....remember I'm rather new to this. I'll just post it so that there's something to look at...:)
Whoops! There it is above.... Let me try another one. OK, it won't go where I want it to go. Anyways, there are two things that I have done...up above...:)

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