Friday, February 09, 2007

No posts yesterday.....

I'll be back later to post more...I WILL put the altered art up!

I love these old dog pictures....I have a book full of them. Do you see a resemblence between the young man and his dog? Well at least bodywise they are both a bit stocky!

I know, I know....I didn't post yesterday. I was besieged by the worst case of "sinus" that I've experienced in a long time. I swear someone was blowing up a heavy duty balloon inside my head! The pressure was horrible and I ended up taking 3 different meds, which I think, combined, added to my woes. Plus they never did help! I feel so much better today, thank goodness!!!
I'm going to post some vintage French postcards and a few pix of some altered art that I've done. The altered art pix aren't that good as I put a glossy antiqing medium on them and they produce quite a glare when photographed head-on. I guess I could have scanned them but some are framed and I just didn't.

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