Tuesday, March 13, 2007


I made these today for everyone that comes to visit my blog...please help yourself...:)
Just kidding! These aren't real! But aren't they beautiful? Don't they just look so yummy? Well I met this wonderful talented girl online, her name is Kim, and she does fake food! I saw some of her stuff on Ebay and it's just incredible! If you want to go and see it her Ebay ID is "Frozenmoments"....go take a look. Here is a link to her blog which she has just started. But leave the pink rosebud cupcakes alone....I bought them this morning! (If you wanted some I'm sure she'd make more!)
Click here: Frozenmoments Made From Scratch

or try this;


Maybe I'm no good at posting links. Oh well, copy and paste and I'll have to work on this!


wisteriagirl said...

Oh...those cupcakes look sooo delcious! They look very real. This girl does a great job!

ArtsyMama said...

Yay...so glad I saw this post. I love fake food and have been looking for some like this. They look so REAL!!!!