Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Cottagey Corners of my home.....

This is the second time I have tried to post to my blog this morning. The first time my computer decided to go crazy on me, grrr!
The jar has 5 doz. painted, speckled and waxed paper mache eggs in it, I just love bird eggs! That was all of the eggs that I could find in that size but I do have a lot of regular size eggs that I'm thinking of doing in more neutral colors. I can see it in my mind.....natural looking eggs on a nest of moss on a pretty plate...mmmm! I'll post a pic when I get them done.
I started working on some little Easter favors last night, hopefully I will get time to work on them more today. I need so badly to get my Easter decor down from the attic. Do you decorate for Easter? I like to decorate for every season/holiday altho the last couple of years I don't always do it. I think I've accumulated too much STUFF and now I feel overwhelmed. But I do so love all the "eye candy"!

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