Tuesday, April 01, 2008

It's been a long time............

Since I last posted.
Thank goodness that winter is over and Spring is here! The lazy blossoms of the azealeas are finally opening up to show off their freckled little faces! Well, some are freckled....the large-flowered azealeas. I see buds forming on the gardenias, it won't be too long until their heady scent fills the air! And I'm so lucky! I have three gardenia bushes right here close to my studio. We have two large bushes inside the fence up front and at night, as the walkers stride by, you can hear them exclaim how heavenly the gardenias smell. It's nice to know that we provide a small pleasure for them as they take their evening walks.
I have a wonderful friend that I must tell you about. Her name is, well, we'll just call her the "16th Street Fairy"! She is the most wonderful friend that you could imagine! She made me the most beautiful Pansy Brooch, really, it is to die for! And Lavender sachets. The smell will whisk you away and settle you upon a star! It's divine! She has a secret source for the most wonderful lavender! But her handiwork, you would think that the sachet itself was an antique from someones greatgrandmother's box of treasures! Her handwork is superb and the styling is impeccable! I would love to see her sell them and the flower brooches on Etsy as she is incredibly talented!!!
Thank you again Sweetie!
Pictures soon to come!


Southern Lady's Vintage said...

I love, love, love gardenias! Reminds me of my childhood. My neighbor had a huge gardenia bush just right outside my bedroom window. I would raise my window and the scent would just fill the entire house! It was heavenly!!

*Kristal* said...

I was wondering about you. Glad to see that everything is alright. I took a peek at your shop, I still can't get over all the beautiful things you make!!
Are you still making the journals like the one I won? I didn't see any in your shop.
I'd love to see pictures of your goodies-they sound lovely :0)